Topics for student works

In the course of your studies you will have to write a bachelor thesis, a project thesis or a master thesis, depending on the course of study. During this time you will acquire new specialist knowledge under the supervision and guidance of a professor or research assistant and learn the tools of the trade of independent development and research work.

Important: In addition to the topics advertised here, we have a whole series of further research questions in progress. If you are interested, we invite you to make an appointment with Prof. Cap or Dr. Mundt and discuss a topic tailored to your personal needs in a direct conversation.

Topics specified by companies will be accepted if they fit very well into our current research questions or result from a research project that we carry out with the company.

It is helpful if the first contact with the supervisor takes place 2-3 months before the actual start of the thesis so that the topic can be sensibly coordinated and registered in time for a Bachelor's or Master's thesis. The earlier you register, the better the work can be placed in the research landscape of the chair.


M: Master thesis
B: Bachelor thesis
P: Software project or KSWS

Open Topics

Indoor Location

Content Engineering

Network Security and Privacy

IoT and Smart Environments